2020 Candidate Cancels Event After Arriving and Learning of Near-Zero Attendance

One would be foolish to characterize the 2020 Democratic primary process as ordinary or predictable, but that didn’t deter former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick from jumping into the fray just days ago.

Patrick is undoubtedly late to the game, and will be forced to contend with all of the challenges that this sort of entrance will bring him.  His organization and war chest are far from being robust by any stretch of the imagination, and his message doesn’t yet seem to possess the pizzazz of those who’ve had ample time out on the dusty trail to iron it out.

That reality came to a head this week as Deval Patrick arrived for an appearance at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick canceled a campaign event on Wednesday after it was clear there was no crowd there to meet him.

ABC News reporter Cheyenne Haslett shared a photo of only two people in the room for an event at Morehouse College that Patrick suddenly canceled:

The two students in attendance were allegedly enticed to enter the event space after being asked by campaign organizers as they passed by in the hallway.  Before that, there were zero attendees.

The Patrick campaign claimed that the event was canceled due to a scheduling issue, but reports state that the candidate had arrived at Morehouse before pulling the plug.