2020 Candidate Defends Dead Terror General by Insulting POTUS

On New Year’s Day, things in Baghdad took a terrifying turn.  The US embassy came under attack by a group of protesters with ties to the Iranian government.

These malfeasant mischief makers attempted to break into the embassy and the consulate, and began committing acts of arson when they were unsuccessful.  The damage done was enough to force the site to suspend operations for the foreseeable future, and to illicit a response from President Trump.

That retort came in the form of a drone strike that killed one of Iran’s most revered terror-prone military minds, General Qasem Soleimani.

Now, inexplicably, the Democrats are attacking POTUS on the decision, despite the evidence the Soleimani was very literally planning attacks that could kill Americans both in the Middle East and inside the United States.

Senator Elizabeth Warren even went so far as to call the move “reckless”.

During an appearance on WBZ News:

Warren said, “We never should have been in this position, to begin with. This assassination of General Soleimani is reckless, and it has been part of an escalating series of attacks that the Trump Administration has put forward. And it has put our troops at risk, it has put our diplomats at risk, and they’re already changing their story about the whole thing.”

Warren’s sentiments were parroted by a number of Democrats and leftists, who opposed the President’s decision likely for no other reason than that it came from the President.

We could very well be seeing the onset of peak Trump Derangement Syndrome, folks.