2020 Candidate Raises Eye-Popping $46.5 Million…in ONE MONTH!

To win in American politics, you need money…and lots of it.

This is the unfortunate reality of how our system works these days, mostly thanks to the way in which media has infiltrated our lives.  We spend much of each day traveling through a parallel, digital universe whose currency is information, and, in order to make a splash in this universe, you need to spend a whole lot of moolah.

That’s why rich candidates can easily interject themselves into the national conversation; it’s purely by economic force.

So, that being said, a loaded war chest is the only way to ensure security in these races.  Bernie Sanders’ coffers are practically overflowing at this point.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) raised a whopping $46.5 million in campaign cash in February, and he is using the cash to plan television ad buys in nine states.

The Sanders campaign announced Sunday that it would be buying television ads in states slated to hold primaries later this month, including Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Florida, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and Washington.

The February haul is nearly double what his campaign raised in January, which was $25 million, and comes at a time when the Sanders campaign claimed victory or showed strong showings in the early 2020 Democrat presidential nomination contests to take the lead in terms of delegates.

Sanders also leads all his fellow Democrat candidates in terms of individual donors, beating all his non-billionaire rivals in fundraising.

This would likely indicate that, among the people, Sanders is the clear favorite.  But, as we all know, the Democratic Party has been known to pull some strings in order to get their candidate elected.  (Just look at the nonsense that took place in 2016 with Hillary Clinton).

Should Bernie be ousted again, his supporters will undoubtedly point to these fundraising statistics as evidence that their guy should have been the nominee.