2020 Candidate Says NO MORE GASOLINE CARS After 2035!

The inevitable cliché about this election being the “most important in our lifetime” is back in full force for 2020.

This crossroads that we have stumbled upon has two different devils looking for a faustian pact, and who’s wearing the horns is merely a trick of political perception.  Should your candidate lose, it could be time to renew that passport and move away.  Or perhaps riot.  Join “the resistance”.  Blame Russia.

Now, if your candidate prevails, no less than half the nation will find themselves blindly ascribing to the ideologies of the person, just because fo the party they’ve affiliated themselves with…perhaps with little care about just how ridiculous some of these proposals may be.

And sure, there are some centrists in the race who aren’t planning on taking our nation off the deep end, and there are some hare-brained radicals with wild hairs in the-you-know-where ready to upend society wholesale.

Somewhere in the middle is Mike Bloomberg, billionaire and former New York City Mayor, who has a modicum of moderation about him, but is also proposing to completely eradicate the production go gasoline-powered vehicles in the next decade and a half.

Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg unveiled a plan on Friday to slash greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by making electric vehicles accessible to even low-income families and improving access to public transit.

Bloomberg, a media billionaire and former mayor of New York City, has long fought to curb emissions, serving recently as a special envoy to the United Nations on climate action.

Other Democratic candidates have included transportation in their climate plans. Bloomberg, who is putting out a suite of climate plans, is the first to issue a specific strategy on transportation, the top U.S. source of greenhouse gases.

Bloomberg’s plan calls for all new U.S. cars to be electric by 2035, reductions of diesel pollution with electric trucks and buses, improved access to public transit, and the building of high-speed rail.

The idea is sure to sit poorly with midwestern centrists and middle-ground moderates within the Democratic Party, who are precisely the sort of voter that Democrats will need to snatch away from President Trump in order to win 2020.