2020 Candidate Says ‘White Nationalists are Very Enthusiastic’ About President Trump

From the very beginning of Donald Trump’s political career, there have been attempts to paint him as a racist, a xenophobe, and a white nationalist – the latter of the three being possibly the most common smear that the radical left chooses to employ.

The term “white nationalist” isn’t an adequately sinister term for these cretins.  These are the scum of American society.  They are the filthy underbelly of fear and hate, caked with the muck of ignorance and sent to test our very last will.

America, as I hope and pray most of you understand, is a diverse melting pot by design, and those who refuse to accept all Americans have no place here.

Knowing how vile the white nationalist ethos is, it is bewildering that the Democrats would conjure their image in order to cry “wolf” on President Trump, yet, here we are.

Former Vice President is just the latest to imagine a connection between these miscreants and Donald Trump, and he was more than happy to share that idea with MSNBC’s audience.

While criticizing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for not disowning his supporters’ attacks, Biden said, “I know you’re seeing what has been online, the vicious, vicious threats, the misogynistic things they’ve said referring to the women who are leaders of the Culinary Union, and they received death threats. I mean, this is way, way—this is Trump-like. Way over the line. And I think Bernie has to disavow this.”

Host Nicolle Wallace said, “Do you think Bernie Sanders is acting Trump-like in his refusal to disavow people that maybe unsavory but that are very enthusiastic about him.”

Biden said, “By the way, the white supremacists are very enthusiastic about Trump.”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this sort of fear-mongering and absurdity is easily spotted and confronted, and there is little doubt that this rhetoric will be changing any minds before the November election.