2020 Democrat Gets PROPOSED TO onstage in Iowa Before Caucuses Kick Off

Monday night in Iowa, as much of the nation was awaiting the coming caucuses, one candidate was almost planning a wedding.

In the midst of one of the nation’s most politically turbulent elections, a group of pranksters descended upon The Hawkeye State, targeting a number of Democratic hopefuls with their antics.

First up was Joe Biden, who got roped into a strange and melancholy conversation in front of a room of voters.

Then, in what would become a bit of a viral moment, Elizabeth Warren was targeted by kneeling adorer.

The hijinks were attributed to a New York City comedy troupe known as “The Good Liars”.

The group has also targeted President Trump.

They showed up at President Trump’s Jan. 30 rally in Des Moines to hand out fake playbills which featured a mocking outline of how the rally would go.

In “Act 1,” the playbill predicted Trump would say “witchhunt ten times in 2 minutes” and accuse the “media of not reporting size of rally.”

The second act supposedly would feature a segment where “Trump publicly admits to a crime” and a “‘Build the Wall,’ Reprise.”

Given just how stressful American politics can be at times, it can be nice to have a bit of a reprieve from time to time.

Now it’ll be up to the Democrats to make sure they aren’t the laughing stock of the 2020 election.