2020 Democrat Lays Off Entire Campaign Staff…But Says They’re Still Running!

We are now only a month away from the all-important Iowa caucuses, where the Democratic primaries will take a hard turn…one way or another.

Will the liberal base choose to turn toward the center and cement former Vice President Joe Biden’s position as out-and-out frontrunner in the race, or will the progressive wing of the party elevate Senators Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren to the top spot?

Or, perhaps there is a dark horse in the race who will suddenly find a foothold in the Hawkeye State and catapult themselves back into the conversation.

If that long-shot is going to be Marianne Williamson, the spiritual guru will be accomplishing that feat without any staff whatsoever. 

Longshot 2020 Democrat candidate and new age author Marianne Williamson has laid off her entire presidential campaign staff, but will still continue her bid for the White House, sources familiar with the situation told New Hampshire-based news outlet WMUR on Thursday.

Campaign manager Patricia Ewing and former Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NY), Williamson’s New Hampshire state director, told WMUR that they are no longer working for the campaign and wished the candidate well.

Williamson’s decision to ax her entire campaign staff, which at its height reached 45 people, was prompted by ongoing financial woes. The spiritual guru, whose campaign platform included the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace and billions of dollars in reparations for descendants of slaves, took in a mere $3 million in the third quarter of 2019, but burned through close to 95 percent of it, The Hill reports. In addition to financial troubles, Willamson’s campaign has failed to achieve a breakthrough in any statewide or national polls, prompting her to miss the last four Democrat presidential primary debates. She is expected to be shut out of January 14th’s debate in Des Moines, Iowa, a crucial test before the state’s first in the nation caucus.

Williamson has long been a fringe candidate, and her woo-woo ways were a frequent target of comedic criticism on the campaign trail.

One staffer told reporters that they weren’t surprised one bit.