2020 Democratic Candidate ALREADY Drafting Executive Orders…6 Months Before Nomination!

Monday marks an important day in the 2020 election cycle, as the ever-important Iowa caucus will give us our first real look at how the nation could vote moving forward.

While pollsters portend to provide us with an accurate depiction of the general demeanor, far too many of these political operatives work under the cloak of bipartisanship, dropping their well-timed and daftly-curated statistical nuggets in extremely specific ways.

In other words:  You can only trust a poll as far as you can throw the pollster behind it.  Until votes are actually cast, there is no telling which way the national breeze is blowing.

That hasn’t stopped Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders from preparing for his presidency, however.

The Bernie Sanders campaign has outlined dozens of possible executive orders that Sanders might enact upon assuming office, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

“As we continue discussing the early work of your presidency and the progress we can make, below for review is a brief overview of executive actions you could take early in your administration,” read a document reviewed by the Post. “We cannot accept delays from Congress on some of the most pressing issues, especially those like immigration where Trump has governed with racism and for his own corrupt benefit.”

Several of the executive orders would reverse President Trump’s policies on immigration, including an immediate halt of border wall construction, removing a limit on accepting refugees for asylum, and reinstating the Obama-era DACA program.

Other orders include a ban on the exportation of crude oil to combat climate change, and the severing of any federal contracts with companies that pay employees less than $15 an hour.

Sanders has 6 months until the Democratic National Convention, and over 9 months until the general 2020 contest.  Drafting these executive orders now is a bold move, and could belie an arrogance that rubs voters the wrong way.