2020’s Latest Nightmare Arrives as National Weather Services Issues ‘Fire Tornado’ Warning

There is little doubt that the year of our Lord 2020 is one of the most bizarre time periods in modern history, or perhaps even all of history.

Thus far this year we have dealt with Iran firing missiles at American soldiers sleeping on-base in Iraq, and almost starting World War III in the process.  Then, just on the heels of that near-calamity is when COVID-19 hit.  Now, some 8 months after the virus first began to spread in the United States, we are still in various states of lockdown throughout much of the country.

Then there were the murder hornets which, if we’re being honest, never became too much of a thing, but, boy did they seem on brand for the year thus far.

Oh, and let’s not forget that we also have a US presidential election to look forward to, and those events seem to get wilder and wilder each time.

Now to top it all off, the US weather service has now issued its first-ever fire tornado warning.

The Reno office of the National Weather Service warned Northern California of a fiery tornado Saturday afternoon that had sprung up near a large, fast-moving wildfire in the Sierra.

That’s right: A firenado.

It is the first known issuance of a tornado warning for the climate phenomenon since it burst into California’s consciousness during the deadly Carr Fire in 2018.

Wendell Hohmann, the NWS forecaster who penned the tornado warning said that it was the first time to his knowledge of a tornado warning of this nature.

“It’s probably the first time it’s been issued outside of a thunderstorm environment,” Hohmann said.

The only concern now is just how fast the producers over at the SyFy Channel can work up a screenplay that somehow incorporates sharks into the mix.