2024 Polling: Trump NOT the Most Popular GOP Candidate?!

As we hurtle forward into the next series of American elections, there is plenty of speculation to be had about just who will and who will not be in the mix…particularly on the GOP side.

The reason for the trepidation?  Donald Trump.

The former president is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in Republican politics at the moment, and he knows it.  His constant insinuations about running again in 2024 have forced many a member of the GOP to tread carefully in conversations about him.

But a new poll seems to indicate that, perhaps, Trump isn’t exactly the “sure thing” that he thinks he is.

A straw poll indicates Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) slightly edges out former President Donald Trump in presidential 2024 approval.

Centennial Institute surveyed respondents at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Saturday in which participants “were asked to select each potential candidate they would approve for president in 2024.”

The top five ranked as follows:

  1. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) 74.12 percent

  2. Donald Trump 71.43 percent

  3. Sen. Ted Cruz (R) 42.86 percent

  4. Mike Pompeo 39.35 percent

  5. Sen. Tim Scott (R) 35.58 percent

The news will almost certainly come as a shock to Donald Trump, and could upset the pecking order within the Republican Party should this sampling translate into primary polling.