30-Day Lockdown Coming Out West as Coronavirus Takes Hold of …

We were all afraid that it was going to come to this:  A massive, unrepentant second wave of coronavirus sweeping west from New York City, which was one the global epicenter of the crisis.

Now, states like Florida and Texas are finding themselves with new COVID-19 trouble after relaxing some of their lockdown measures.

Things are so bad in Arizona, in fact, that the Governor is now planning to now shut parts of the state down for 30 days.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has ordered the closure of bars, gyms, movie theaters, nightclubs and water parks across the state for 30 days in an effort to combat a spike in coronavirus cases.

“Our numbers continue to increase,” Ducey said at a Monday news conference in Phoenix. “In Arizona, they’re going in the wrong direction and we’re going to take some additional action today to contain this virus and get back on track.”

He also re-imposed a ban on indoor and outdoor gatherings of 50 or more people. He said the state Department of Liquor Licenses and Control will suspend special-event licenses. Cities and counties will have the authority to approve large events, but only if certain protocols are met.

The move comes just a few days after Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar warned that the US was running out of time to get the virus under control.