A Judge Just Gave Hunter Biden Some Very Bad News!

A custody battle between Hunter Biden and former stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts has taken an interesting turn as an Arkansas judge has ordered Hunter Biden to appear in court to answer questions about his alleged laptop. The Washington Free Beacon reported that Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer gave the order this week in the custody battle over the couple’s daughter.

The issue came up after Hunter Biden’s attorney could not answer if the laptop that has been the center of constant controversy during the Biden administration belonged to his client. Hunter Biden’s lawyer sought to block an expert witness from testifying about financial records found on the laptop because Hunter Biden has never acknowledged that the laptop is his.

“I want both of your clients at every hearing that I conduct,” Meyer told the attorneys for both parties. “I will no longer allow us to dismiss clients from these hearings because it is interfering with the progress of this litigation which is taking way too long to get over simple points.”

Hunter Biden’s attorney claimed that it was “not my client’s laptop as far as I know,” adding that Hunter Biden has “never accepted that that’s his laptop.” However, the judge wants to clear up the issue and has ordered Hunter Biden to appear in court.

Roberts proved with a court-ordered paternity test that she had a daughter with Hunter Biden. Last year, the troubled son of the president went to court to have his monthly child support payments lowered, prompting the current legal battle. President Biden, who Democrats try to cast as a “devout Catholic,” has refused to acknowledge the child as a member of the family. Biden has reportedly refused to provide Secret Service protection for the child.

It remains to be seen what will happen in court, but it is clear that the issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop is not going away anytime soon. As a conservative Republican, I believe that everyone, including the son of the president, should be held accountable for their actions. It’s important for the truth to come out and for justice to be served, no matter who is involved. I will continue to follow this story and keep my readers updated on any new developments.