A Parallel Economy Goes Public

Conservative shoppers have a new option as PublicSq. is set to go public and become the latest effort by conservatives to divest from the liberal marketplace.

PublicSq. is the pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom “patriotic parallel economy” marketplace that was founded and is currently run by CEO Michael Seifert.

On Monday, Seifert announced in a webinar that the initiative was going public through the SPAC Colombier Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: $CLBR), with the combined company to be renamed “PSQ Holdings, Inc.” and will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbols “PSQH” and “PSQH WS.”

According to Seifert, his marketplace will be a place for patriots to put their values into the commerce experience, to enjoy discounts for being PublicSq. members, and to support the small businesses that make the country so special.

Seifert noted the initiative was in effect a reaction to woke corporations’ activist responses to the Dobbs ruling, mentioning that Amazon and other companies that peddle their wares on its platform had vowed to reimburse employees that travel across state lines to execute their unborn children.

Supporting Seifert’s notion, Colombier Acquisition Corp. CEO and chairman Omeed Malik recently asserted on Donald Trump Jr.’s podcast “Triggered” that “we can continue to b*** and moan like we have for over a decade, or we can actually create some solutions.”

The marketplace’s core values include always protecting the family unit and celebrating the sanctity of every life, believing small businesses and the communities who support them are the backbone of the economy, believing in the greatness of the Nation and fighting to defend it, and upholding that the Constitution is non-negotiable.

Seifert has also committed to giving his employees a $5,000 “baby” bonus in the event that they have or adopt a baby in order to support the idea that “Strong families make a strong nation.”

The platform presently has over 1.1 million Americans registered as members and over 55,000 vendors, covering a full range of conservative needs.

Membership on the platform is free for both consumers and businesses.

For shoppers outside of PublicSq., Consumers’ Research has introduced an alert system that notifies shoppers which brands “put progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers.”

The news of PublicSq.’s commencement of their trading of stock on July 20th is hoped by conservatives to be the solution to creating an economy aligned with their values and to stop being subjected to the far left’s ideologies and agendas.

The Blaze