Acclaimed Director Say Virus Was Earth’s Way of Culling the Human Herd

As with any major catastrophe these days, our current viral predicament has its fair share of Pulitzer-void plankton swimming along with it.  Fake news, hyperbole, mis-and-disinformation; you name it, we’ve seen it.

This is something new for the human race, as the digital age has cultivated some of the most incredibly rich and ridiculous conspiracy theories that the human imagination is capable of.

For instance, did you know that some believe the COVID-19 virus was somehow activated by 5G cell phone towers?

Others are of the impression that the virus isn’t the virus at all.  Instead they believe, (and you might want to take a big toke of something here), that humans are the virus, man, and that earth is out to get us.

Hollywood director Spike Lee suggested that Earth was “angry” at mankind for going “too far” and unleashed the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as a form of revenge.

“Before Corona, after Corona. This is changing everything,” the BlacKkKlansman director said during an interview on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show.

“But you know why, the reason, I read an article about it. How pollution is clearing up. Skies are clear. Animals are coming out. I mean you know, the Earth was angry at us,” Lee explained. “People may think I’m crazy that I believe it in my heart and soul. That we had gone too far and Earth said, ‘Hold up, we gotta change this.’”

While Spike Lee may very well be one of the most influential directors in modern Hollywood, his global health theories sound more like the ramblings of a freshman literature major who just discovered mushrooms during his second weekend away at community college.