Actor Who Played ‘Batman’ Tells Donald Trump to Resign!

It’s no secret that much of Hollywood holds a mighty disdain for President Donald Trump.  This has been true from the very moment that Trump stepped onto the political scene, and rode down that golden escalator.

The reason is simple enough:  Tinsel Town trends to the left – always has and always will – and today’s modern starlets and hunks have found a new avenue to fame via their political opinions and diatribes.

The latest A-lister to disparage Donald Trump comes from the fictional Gotham City, and his advice for the President is just as dramatic as the dialogue of a comic book. 

Actor Michael Keaton took to social media on Wednesday to implore President Donald Trump to “resign,” adding, “No harm. No foul. Walk Away. Would be Very Patriotic.”

“Resign. No harm. No foul. Walk away. Would be very patriotic and I would personally write a note thanking him,” begged the Desperate Measures actor in an Instagram post. “I swear I’m not being condescending. It’s just the truth.”

And that wasn’t all that the former caped crusader had to say:

“It’s crystal clear it was a fluke and unfortunately a terrible mistake,” wrote the White Noise actor. “There are moments when I honestly feel sorry for him.”

“OK, maybe not MOMENTS but seconds. It’s reached the point where it just pathetic,” he added.

Keaton joins a long line of Hollywood regulars who’ve taken up opposition to President Trump’s time in office, including legendary director Rob Reiner and actress Bette Midler.