Adam Schiff was given advanced knowledge of whistleblower complaint, new report says

The latest Democratic attacks on President Trump come to us via a sudden whistleblower complaint that alleges the Commander in Chief misused his political stature to dig up dirt on possible 2020 rival Joe Biden.

That complaint has spurred the Democrats into a “formal impeachment inquiry” – something that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was hoping to avoid at all costs.

Leading the charge on the investigation is House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a man whom the President has targeted time and time again via Twitter and his comments to the press.

New reports now reveal that Schiff himself may have had premature knowledge of the whistleblower’s complaint – something that President Trump has referred to as a “scandal” in and of itself.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) knew about the “whistleblower” complaint days before it was officially filed, it was reported on Wednesday.

Schiff – who performed a dramatized version of President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky during last week’s hearing – was aware of the broad contents of the “whistleblower” complaint days before the partisan CIA official formally filed the complaint, the New York Times reported.

After the detailing his accusations to the “the agency’s top lawyer,” the “whistleblower”  took his complaint to a House Intelligence Committee aide, who relayed the information to Schiff, who is largely leading the charge on the impeachment inquiry.

Schiff had previously denied any foreknowledge of the complaint, further tarnishing his image during this crucial time in our nation’s history.

President Trump has repeatedly insisted that his phone conversation with Zelensky was “perfect”, and that neither he nor his staff have committed any wrongdoing in the matter.