After Barr Asks POTUS to Stop Tweeting About DOJ, Trump Responds in HUGE Way

From the moment that President Trump took office, there has been a little extra tension in Washington DC.

This was to be expected, of course, as the New York City real estate mogul was elected in large part to shake things up in our nation’s capital.  He was coming to “drain the swamp”, after all, and all of the creatures down the muck were rightfully nervous about it.

As predicted, there has been a fairly high turnover rate among the Trump cabinet, and the latest friction from the Department of Justice seems to indicate that this won’t be changing anytime soon.

President Donald Trump continued to test his relationship with Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday by amplifying conservative allies demanding he “clean house” at the Justice Department and target those involved in the Russia investigation that once threatened his presidency.

The grievances shared by Trump in a flurry of morning tweets included claims of a “seditious conspiracy” against him, and attacks on a “criminal gang” at the FBI and Justice Department.

A day after it was revealed that Barr told people close to Trump he had considered quitting, the president and his attorney general seemed to reach a detente of sorts. Officials inside the Justice Department said they were watching the situation closely, mindful that a new string of tweets or comments could quickly upend the situation, but there were no indications that Barr would leave imminently. The attorney general did not mention the controversy when he spoke during an event Wednesday at FBI headquarters Wednesday.

The President would not be stopped, however.

Trump retweeted several Twitter posts from Tom Fitton, president of the conservative activist group Judicial Watch, who claimed that Trump was “the victim of a seditious conspiracy” by the Justice Department and FBI that led to the investigation of possible coordination between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

“Barr should clean house at DOJ,” Fitton said. In another tweet Trump shared, Fitton said that Trump “has a positive constitutional obligation to speak up about DOJ corruption.”

And so the turbulence of the Trump era continues.