After Floating Tulsi-Russia Conspiracy Theory, Hillary Skips Event Featuring Hawaii Rep

Many Americans took a look at the news this afternoon and felt as thought they were experiencing some serious Deja Vu.

Hillary Clinton, in an election year, was attempting to convince Americans that one of the candidates was somehow a Russia asset.  This time, however, that Kremlin double agent is a Democrat named Tulsi Gabbard, who represents the Aloha State in The House.

Clinton insinuated that Gabbard was being groomed by “the Russians” to spoil the race as a third party candidate, essentially locking in incumbent President Trump’s chances for reelection.

Just hours after that cockamamy theory was lambasted by major news networks, Clinton decided to skip out on an event where both she and Gabbard were to be in attendance.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has reportedly backed out of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit featuring 2020 presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Clinton and Nielsen were both slated to deliver a speech at the event in Washington, D.C., but the former first lady canceled her planned appearance because of scheduling issues, her team claimed.

Slate reports:

[A] person close to Clinton’s decision-making process told Slate that she had decided to drop out after hearing that Nielsen was also on the docket. “We work with a lot of activists who are trying to do their best to improve this horrible situation down at the border,” the person said, citing Clinton’s support of RAICES and other organizations that advocate for asylees and immigrants. “At the end of the day, it’s an easy decision. You have to side with them.”

The person said one of those activists alerted Clinton to Nielsen’s slot on the schedule earlier this week, after which Clinton’s team notified Fortune that she would no longer be attending the event. Friday evening, Clinton’s name and headshot were removed from the summit’s website.

Clinton’s recent resurgence in the public eye has had many political observers speculating that a late entry into the 2020 race could be in the offing for the former First Lady.

This jabbing at Gabbard certainly adds to that theory.