Air Force One Passengers Recall Near Miss with Unidentified Flying Object Over the Weekend

It may be getting a bit redundant to say, but it’s still true:  2020 is one strange time to be alive, and an even stranger time to be an American.

We are in the midst of one of the most unique and contentious presidential elections of the modern era, during a time in which the nation is more divided than they have been since Lincoln was alive.  As such, we expect that there would be some moments of tension surrounding President Trump, and that the Secret Service might have their hands full at times.

But what are the nation’s most well-dressed cops going to do if Air Force One comes under attack?

Reports are emerging describing a potential near miss with an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) while the C-32A that President Trump was flying on was making its final approach into Andrews Air Force base on Sunday evening. POTUS was returning from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster New Jersey when the reported near miss took place.

AFP’s Sebastian Smith reported on the incident shortly after disembarking the highly modified 757-200, stating:

“@realDonaldTrump just landed at Andrews on AF1. Shortly before, while descending, we flew right over a small object, remarkably close to the president’s plane. Resembled a drone though I’m no expert.”

And that wasn’t the only witness:

One can only imagine that, after the President’s plane landed, the Secret Service was scouring the nearby area for clues.