Air Force Tech Comes Clean About Strange Phenomena at Nuclear Site

It’s one of the strangest bits of military information that’s come to light in recent years, and it apparently just keeps happening:  Bizarre encounters at nuclear sites with phenomenon that exists outside the bounds of regular science.

For years we’ve heard stories about UFO’s harassing our nation’s nuclear arsenal, sometimes coinciding with odd and worrisome equipment malfunctions.

Now, one Air Force technician is coming clean, and describing something quite alarming.

Former USAF nuclear weapons technician Adrian Reister was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, between 2003 and 2007, and had extensive knowledge of the aircraft that operated from the base – including the highly-advanced B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber.

But on at least two occasions he saw a UFO that didn’t look, or move, like any known aircraft type.

Reister was part of a team that maintained nuclear weapons on the base, trained in their handling as well as providing security when they were moved around the facility.

So, what exactly did he see?

Stressing that he was in a state of high alertness because of the nature of the task in hand, the 37-year-old told Liberation Times: “I [noticed] a light or orb hovering along the top of the tree line, I’d thought it was just a star at the time but as I continued surveilling the area, the light/orb shot above the treetops and hung there for some time. Maybe it was a satellite I thought.”

But then, just as a transport team arrived to secure the weapon, “the orb bounced a little in the sky then shot to the left (north) then shot 90 degrees straight up and disappeared.”

But that wasn’t all:

In the Summer of 2006, while working a night shift maintaining a dummy practice bomb, the nuclear weapons tech encountered what he describes as a “shadow person”.

First he heard footsteps – but not the familiar sound of one of his Air Force comrades in standard-issue combat boots. The mystery intruder appeared to be padding round the high-security base bare-footed.

After hearing the footsteps a couple of times he got up to investigate, and had a chilling encounter with something that was not entirely human.

“I saw what I can’t really describe as other than a black mass in the shape of a person standing at 6ft,” he says.

The revelations come as a bevy of lawmakers are pushing for full transparency from the US government regarding their knowledge of the UFO situation, and amid concerns that these bizarre visits have been focusing on the nation’s nuclear arsenal.