Alerting Cadaver Dogs Prompt Police Investigation at ‘Tiger King’ Zoo

During the first few weeks of this COVID-19 nightmare that we’re living in, Netflix stuck gold.

Not knowing that the world was soon to be stuck inside, away from the rest of the world for weeks on end, Netflix released a highly anticipated docuseries called “Tiger King”. ¬†Soon, the entire planet was obsessed with a methamphetamine-fueled exotic animal addict from Oklahoma with an ultra-sketchy past.

Now, in what may very well be one of the strangest turn of events in modern media history, a ghost-hunting television program was compelled to call the police after cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a dead body at the zoo at the center of the “Tiger King” saga.

In a bizarre turn of events, the filming of a paranormal television program at the Oklahoma zoo made infamous by the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’ was put on hold over the weekend when police were called to investigate the possible detection of human remains. The confluence of strangeness reportedly began on Friday when the show ‘Ghost Adventures’ visited the notorious wildlife park in search of spirits. For reasons unexplained, part of the production included the enlisting of cadaver dogs, which is where things got weird.

According to Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett, the two body-sniffing canines “hit on a small alligator pond that is no longer being used” and, understandably, this prompted a call to police. A team of investigators soon arrived and spent five hours searching the location. “We took our time and we looked around,” Mullett told a local TV station, “looked in the pond and dug down.” However, the only remains that cops were able to find were those of a small tailless animal.

This outcome didn’t fully convince investigators, however, and there are already plans to bring the dogs back out to look again in the near future.