‘ALL OUT WAR’: Trump Lawyer Has BOLD Prediction if Indictment Comes

Donald Trump’s rather stunning prediction of his own imminent arrest has thrust the nation into a bit of a tizzy this week, prompting a plethora of strange predictions from all corners of American politics.

Some have suggested that Trump’s indictment will bolster his chances in 2024 – particularly if the incident occurs in a dignified, low-key manner.  Others, however, are inclined to believe that trouble is coming over the horizon…and perhaps even violence.

At least one individual on Trump’s legal team seemed to think that the path forward could be an ugly one.

A lawyer for former President Trump said on Monday that it will be “an all-out war” if Trump is indicted in the Manhattan district attorney’s probe into a 2016 hush-money payment.

“They can do what they want,” Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina said of the possible indictment in an interview with former Trump adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle on Monday. “At that point, this is an all-out war.”

“He’ll be there loud and proud, and there’s nobody that’s gonna make him cower,” Tacopina told Guilfoyle, who is also the fiancee of the former president’s oldest son Donald Trump Jr.

The former President was not expected to resist his potential arrest.

The Trump attorney similarly told the New York Daily News on Friday that the former president would not refuse to surrender if he is indicted, emphasizing that “there won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago with Secret Service and the Manhattan DA’s office.”

Many within the GOP have defended Trump publicly after news of his potential arrest surfaced, including some in Congress who have called for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to testify before them.