Amid Coronavirus Fears, Far East Nation Starts Launching Missiles

With the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus seemingly spreading further by the moment, many are beginning to fear that a global pandemic could soon be upon us.

This sort of outbreak would disrupt all manner of life the world over, as the sick and the worried would find themselves reluctant to go to work, shop for groceries, or even participate in their local elections.

For the conspiracy-minded, this change to the global livelihood could be followed to its inevitable, hypothetical end as well:  With nations the world over lashing out militarily as their infrastructures collapse under the weight of the economic turmoil.

And we all know that it wouldn’t take much for North Korea to hit the breaking point.

North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles from a coastal area Monday as it resumed weapons demonstrations following a months-long hiatus.

The launches came two days after North Korea’s state media said leader Kim Jong Un supervised an artillery drill aimed at testing the combat readiness of units in front-line and eastern areas.

Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed the launches in a statement but couldn’t immediately confirm how far the projectiles flew or whether the weapons were ballistic or rocket artillery.

During a key ruling party meeting in late December, Kim expressed deep frustration over deadlocked diplomacy with the United States and said he won’t denuclearize if the U.S. persists with its hostile policy on his country. He also said he would unveil a new “strategic weapon” soon and no longer be bound by a self-imposed weapons test moratorium that coincided with his diplomacy with Trump.

There is no telling what the “strategic weapon” in question could be, if it even exists, as the DPRK is notorious for exaggerating their military might to get a rise out of the world at large.

There is no telling what impact the coronavirus has had on North Korea, thanks to the nation’s notoriously reclusive nature.