Amid Impeachment Scandal, Hunter Biden Ditches Chinese Business Deal

The double-edged sword of this lated Ukraine scandal has not only endangered the Presidency of Donald Trump in recent days, but it has taken a hearty swipe at the Biden family as well.

The Democrats seem to believe that a July 25th phone call between President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart contains enough evidence of wrongdoing to warrant a “formal impeachment inquiry”.

Of course, it should be noted that they have not yet taken a vote on the matter.  This fact has some political observers wondering if the left’s case against Trump is truly as strong as Nancy Pelosi is making it out to be.

The phone call in question discussed, among other things, Trump’s hopes that Ukraine would take a serious stance against corruption – possibly including acts committed by or in the name of Joe Biden and his son Hunter.  Given the high profile nature of this latest political maneuver, there are renewed concerns among Americans as to the true nature of the Biden family business.

It is possibly this new scrutiny that has spurred a sudden change of heart by Hunter.

Hunter Biden — the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, and the figure at the heart of President Donald Trump’s efforts to have Ukraine investigate the former vice president — will step down from the board of a Chinese private equity company he has invested in later this month, his lawyer announced in a statement Sunday.

Trump has alleged, without evidence, that Joe Biden used the power of the vice presidency to help Hunter Biden and his business interests in Ukraine, and has also claimed the former vice president assisted his son in making a large business deal in China. The president’s calls for Ukraine and China to investigate these allegations sparked a political maelstrom that kicked off an impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Joe Biden has maintained he did nothing wrong as vice president, and has argued against all claims his son benefited from his office. Sunday, through his lawyer George Mesires, the younger Biden seemed to acknowledge his business dealings had placed heightened scrutiny on his father, while also defending his actions. In a statement, Mesires also explained how Hunter Biden planned to avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest going forward.

And that’s not all…

First, the younger Biden pledged to cease all work with any foreign-owned companies in the event that his father is elected president in 2020, Mesires wrote. And ahead of that eventuality, Hunter Biden has said he will step down from the board of BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, a private equity company backed by Chinese state-owned companies.

We are reminded, of course, of the old saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The Biden family will likely be the center of attention in the 2020 race for the coming weeks, unless Senator Liz Warren finally overtakes “Sleepy Joe”.