Analyst on CNN Claims That ‘Thuggish’ President Trump Thinks He’s ‘A King’

CNN has spent an inordinate amount of time and money attempting to reinforce their reputation as a reputable news source, but it hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t been cheap.

They have been attempting to dig themselves out of this hole for years now, perhaps decades, and only further buried themselves under the muck when it came time to “resist” President Donald J. Trump.  Their blatant bias against the Commander in Chief, (and conservatives in general), has been so readily apparent that the network has consistently struggled to maintain their ratings year to year.

Despite these struggles, the network continues to toe the Democratic line, even bringing analyst Kirsten Powers onto Anderson Cooper 360 to emit the following gibberish regarding the President’s alleged beliefs about himself:

Powers said, “Yeah. Why wouldn’t he keep doing what he always does? He seems incapable of not doing that. And I do think this moving people, punishing people, right, for testifying under oath and telling the truth, I think it’s thuggish. It really is. It’s beyond inappropriate, in the sense that the president operates like he’s a king, basically. Like these people are supposed to go up there and lie. They’ve been called before Congress. They’re telling the truth. They should not be punished for that. They work for the U.S. government, which is something that is actually bigger than Donald Trump.”

Powers’ assertions are incredibly ludicrous, and perpetuate the media’s insistence on diagnosing the Commander in Chief with some sort of narcissism disorder, dementia, or delusions of grandeur.

This is dangerous thinking, of course, and has no real place within the “news”.