Anonymous Republicans Outline Plan to Throw Giuliani Under the Bus

Given just how secretive and stingy the Democrats have been during this “formal impeachment inquiry”, it’s no wonder that the Republican Party has been hard at work coming up with solutions to this nagging issue.

The left believes that dragging this dog-and-pony show out into the light with public hearings will somehow sway the American people into suddenly supporting the idea of impeaching and removing the President.  So far, even after two “star witnesses” testified today, that doesn’t seem likely.

Furthermore, the possibility that this all leads back to the President of the United States himself is a bit absurd, especially given just how often we have been reminded of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in what the left describes as a “rogue channel” of Ukrainian diplomacy.

Now, a new report says that the GOP is considering throwing Rudy under the bus completely, having the President’s personal attorney take the fall for the whole shebang.

Top House Republican sources tell Axios that one impeachment survival strategy will be to try to distance President Trump from any Ukraine quid pro quo, with Rudy Giuliani potentially going under the bus.

What they’re saying: A Republican member of one of the impeachment committees told Axios: “[T]his is not an impeachment of Rudy Giuliani, it’s not an impeachment of Ambassador Sondland. It’s an impeachment of the president of the United States.”

  • “So the point is as long as this is a step removed, he’s in good shape. … If it’s a step removed from the president, he doesn’t lose any Republicans in the House.”

A top House GOP leadership aide said: “Substance is focus. [The co-leadoff witness, Bill] Taylor says [he had a] ‘full understanding.’ But from who? Not POTUS. That’s big.”

  • An uber-connected Republican added: “Rudy will be cut loose because he was rogue.”


This would certainly qualify as a stunning development, given just how close Giuliani and the President seem to be to one another, and could very well be a case of purposeful misinformation being leaked to the media to throw the Democrats off the scent.