Another 2020 Democrat Bites the Dust and Trump Team OBLITERATES Them on Twitter

The 2020 Democratic field has been a laughing stock of the political world as of late, given its exorbitant size and unfocused rage.

Well, we should clarify:  Their rage is focused when it comes to the leader of the free world, but wholly disparate and widely sprayed when it comes to their own party.  The Democrats are simply eating themselves alive at this point, blaming one another for each and every whim that the party has ever had.

Now, as Senator Kamala Harris bids adieu to the race itself, the President’s support team just couldn’t help themselves.

After Sen. Kamala Harris announced she was suspending her campaign for president on Tuesday, a Trump 2020 campaign Twitter account account took the opportunity to poke at the tension between her and Democratic candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

“BREAKING NEWS: @KamalaHarris has ended her campaign for president. Congratulations @TulsiGabbard!” the Trump War Room account tweeted.

Gabbard and Harris have clashed on the debate stage and on Twitter. After the Trump account tweeted, Gabbard also chimed in on the end of Harris’ campaign.

Harris has been faltering in the polls since February, when she attempted to defend her record as an anti-marijuana prosecutor by joking about “smoking weed and listening to Tupac” in college.  Internet sleuths quickly discovered that this was a lie, based on the fact that Tupac had not released any music at any time that Harris was attending school.

Worse still, Harris’ pandering came during Black History Month.