ANOTHER Case of Deadly Coronavirus Comes to America, This Time in…

In China, there are fears of a pandemic.

A new strain of the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world, with the epicenter of the outbreak believed to be Wuhan, China.  Those who contract the virus report respiratory trouble, followed by a fever, flu-like systems, and, ultimately, a sickness that is very much akin to pneumonia.

So far, at least 17 people have died from the virus, with perhaps thousands more infected.

In the United States, one case has already been discovered in Washington State.  Today, a college student in Texas became the second American to be declared sick.

U.S. health officials are investigating a possible case of the novel coronavirus after a Texas A&M University student contracted a respiratory illness, within two weeks of visiting China.

The patient traveled through the city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated, according to Fox 26.

The unidentified student is reportedly being isolated at home while the investigation continues to see if there’s a link between the illness and the virus. Despite initial concerns, Texas A&M University officials said the health risk to others on campus, is minimal.

“Health care providers were aware of public health guidance on novel coronavirus and quickly recognized that the patient met the criteria for coronavirus testing and is being kept isolated at home, while the precautionary testing is done,” the Brazos County Health District said. “If there is a confirmed case, we will promptly announce it.”

The World Health Organization has yet to declare a global emergency in the case of this new Coronavirus, prompting some criticism among those who believe China could be deflating the true impact of the illness.