ANOTHER Democrat Leaves 2020 Race, But With a SURPRISE Endorsement!

We are now less than eight months away from the 2020 election, so long as the event doesn’t somehow get postponed on account of this coronavirus mess.

For all intents and purposes, the election will be between incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and whoever Joe Biden chooses as his running mate.  You see, the nation has already adjudicated that Biden and Trump are a wash, with the two rich, old, white guys splitting the votes fairly evenly.  Biden’s choice for veep will be the tipping point, undoubtedly.

But there is still the formality of the primary to deal with still.  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders seems destined to drop out at any moment, although his staff is denying it.

Another candidate did drop out of the race today, however, even though many Americans had likely forgotten that she was even running.

Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii U.S. representative and Iraq war veteran who has stirred controversy within her own party, is suspending her bid for the White House.

She had been one of only three candidates left in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, despite only garnering two delegates.

The announcement came complete with a stunner of an endorsement.

Gabbard made the announcement in a video posted Thursday morning, and said, “It’s clear that Democratic primary voters have chosen” former Vice President Joe Biden to be the person to take on President Trump in November.

In the video, she says she’s “offering [her] full support” to Biden “in his quest to bring our country together.”

Gabbard was a fiery candidate on the campaign trial, and didn’t take kindly to the criticisms from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton alleging that the Hawaii Congresswoman was a “Russian asset”.  Her endorsement of Biden came as a bit of a shock due to this distance between Gabbard and the Democratic Deep State.