Another Direct Energy Attack Detailed Near The White House

The future can be a terrifying place at times, as we continue to dig into the depths of human depravity, discovering just how motivated some of us are to be cruel.

When it comes to watching the goodness crumble from this society, there is perhaps no more succinct example of where the world is headed than in the realm of military technology.  These are the devices and tactics being deployed to make other people suffer, and with every new innovation, a little bit of our humanity dies a bit more.

One of the latest additions to the international arsenal of high-tech gadgetry has been the “direct energy” class of weapons, in which the user sprays the victim with microwaves, for lack of a more direct explanation, causing a wide range of symptoms.

Near the White House this week, a third case of such a weapon being used against Americans has been revealed, and the suspected culprits right have you seeing red.

In 2019, a White House official walking her dog in Arlington, Va., suddenly experienced ringing in her ears, felt her face start to tingle, and came down with a headache. In early November 2020, a National Security Council official fell ill after walking near the Ellipse, on the White House’s south side, suffering from sleeplessness and headaches for about a week. Now, sources tell CNN of a third such incident in the DC area of so-called Havana syndrome, continuing to baffle investigators trying to track down the source of these odd incidents. In the previously unreported case, which sources say took place a few weeks after the presidential election in November, another NSC official was sickened near an entrance to the grounds of the White House. In that incident, the official required immediate medical treatment for more severe symptoms.

Researchers have suggested that the likely perpetrators are part of a Russian spy agency, working covertly against US targets both abroad and here within the states.