Anti-Trump Group Hires FAKE White Supremacists for PATHETIC Stunt

The entire ethos of the American political scene has shifted vastly over the course of the last several decades, and certainly not for the better.

Instead of wondering what we could do for our country, our elected officials have decided that they’re more concerned with themselves and the betterment of their bank accounts than they are about furthering the American Dream wholesale.

And so, instead of debating the issues and pondering policy, some within the realm of American politics have taken to dirty tricks.

Lincoln Project co-founder Stuart Stevens doubled down Friday on the group’s decision to have actors pose as White supremacists with tiki torches at a Glenn Youngkin gubernatorial rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last week.

Stevens said the stunt was part of helping Democrats learn “how to win, how to play hardball” after CNN “Prime Time” host Chris Cuomo asked if staging the ruse was “being what you say you guys oppose.”

Stevens said the real issue wasn’t with his group’s stunt but rather that Youngkin, a Republican running for governor in Virginia, hadn’t denounced former President Trump saying there were “very fine” people on both sides of the White supremacist “Unite the Right” rally and counterprotesters in Charlottesville in 2017. “Unite the Right” participants infamously carried tiki torches while marching, with some chanting “Jews will not replace us.”

Of course, there are major moral misgivings about perpetuating the stereotypes of white supremacy, which has long been a cancer on American society, even if these were just actors.

And to simply juxtapose them near a candidate’s bus for the purpose of confusion and deception…well that’s just un-American.