APPROVAL POLL: Biden’s Numbers Surprising as Kremlin Conflict Rages

When Joe Biden ascended to the presidency, the Democrats had all of the confidence of a wet paper bag.  Biden was largely seen as a stop-gap for the left; a chance to removed Trump from office and not do too much damage to their reputation.

But the rest of the world saw this too, and now Biden has found himself with a heap of trouble on his doorstep…all while Americans continued to reward him with abysmal approval ratings.

We’ve seen many presidents in the past receive an appreciable bump in ratings as international conflicts occur, thanks to their handling the situation and the American people’s hope that they’ll pull it off.

Not Joe Biden.

The most recent national poll from Grinnell College showed that President Joe Biden’s approval rating was only at 34 percent.

The poll found that only 34 percent of adults in the United States approve of Biden’s performance as president, while a majority, 52 percent, disapprove. There were 14 percent that said they were not sure how they felt about his job performance.

Biden’s approval was down further when compared to the October poll that asked the same questions. The October poll found that only 37 percent approved of his performance as president, while half of the respondents disapproved.

And that’s not all:

When asked about the coronavirus, still only 47 percent approved of the way Biden handled the pandemic, while 44 percent disapproved and nine percent were not sure. In the October poll, 46 percent approved and 44 percent disapproved.

Regarding the economy, only 31 percent said they approved of Biden’s handling of it, while a large majority, 57 percent, said they disapproved. There was 13 percent who said they were not sure.

If the ever-patriotic drama of fending off Vladimir Putin can’t save Biden’s presidency, nothing will.