As Americans Suffer, Biden Makes Lame Supply Chain Santa Joke

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the first year of Joe Biden’s first term is its utter meaninglessness.

The 46th President of the United States, along with what at first appeared to be a somewhat capable cabinet, have done just about nothing during their first 10+ months in office.  They’ve let the border crisis blossom with little more than a singular visit by “border czar” VP Kamala Harris.  They’ve allowed inflation to run amok to the point in which you have CNBC anchors sounding the alarm.

And now, as the supply chain threatens to ruin many a Christmas in America, Biden is cracking jokes.

President Joe Biden tried to distance himself from supply chain disruptions this Christmas, telling Americans on Wednesday he was not responsible for any problems.

“I can’t promise that every person will get every gift they want on time,” Biden said. “Only Santa Claus can keep that promise.”

Biden argued that shortages for some goods around Christmas were normal, citing the Cabbage Patch Kids doll shortage in the 1980s and also the shortage of Beanie Babies in past years.

To add insult to injury, Biden then tried to pretend as though these issues didn’t have the breadth being reported in the news.

“Here’s the deal. For the vast majority of the country, that’s not happening,” Biden said.

Biden’s insistence on there being “no problem” is indicative of his lackluster response to the issues facing many Americans, and it could come back to but the Democrats during the 2022 election.