As Biden’s Polling Plummets, Obama Pays Visit to White House

Things certainly aren’t going according to plan at the White House these days, and President Joe Biden knows it.

The Commander in Chief, (who had to be convinced to run for office in the first place), hit the ground snoozing when he was inaugurated, seemingly allowing the nation’s woes to spiral out of control on his watch.  Inflation, immigration, and election security have all been on the minds of Americans, but not on the mind of their President.

This has led to terrifyingly poor approval ratings for Joe Biden, and some very real concerns among Democrats as to whether or not a reelection campaign in 2024 would be wise.

And so Joe is bringing in the big guns to remind everyone of when they used to like him a lot more.

With hugs, laughs and good-natured ribbing, Barack Obama on Tuesday returned to the White House for the first time in more than five years to savor the 12th anniversary of his signature health care law and give a boost to President Joe Biden’s efforts to expand it.

The Affordable Care Act has survived repeated repeal attempts by Republicans.

Biden, who was Obama’s No. 2 when “Obamacare” became law in March 2010, wants to extend the law’s reach to even more than the current millions. He gave all the credit for the original law to the former president.

Biden made sure to hammer on the connection.

“It’s because of you,” Biden said after good-naturedly introducing himself as Obama’s vice president. Biden said the law “shows hope leads to change,” a play on Obama’s “hope and change” campaign slogan.

And while some may think that this visit from Obama will provide a quick boost to Biden’s ratings, there are still plenty of issues out there that he doesn’t appear eager to solve, so it’s likely all temporary anyway.