As Iowa Caucuses Crash and Burn, Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Cry Foul

For a good, long time, supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have been wary of the Washington establishment.

Four short years ago, Sanders was cheated out of the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, whose collusion was discovered and reported by whistleblower organizations Wikileaks.  This was, in turn, why Clinton lost to now-President Donald Trump in the general election; the Democrats just couldn’t muster the support necessary to overcome the deficit of youth votes that abandoned them after the Bernie coup was uncovered.

Now, in 2020, the Bernie campaign and its constituents are again concerned that a plan to usurp the Senator’s candidacy could be underway, and the electronic trouble that marked the Iowa caucuses may very well be a piece of that puzzle.

Workers on Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign already had suspicions about the logistics and fairness of the Iowa caucuses. Counting delays by the Iowa Democratic Party are stirring those concerns anew.

While the political world waited late Monday to get results due more than an hour before, the Washington Examiner overheard several field organizers for the Vermont senator complaining that supporters of rival candidates were conspiring to block them from winning delegates.

And there’s more.

One individual also complained about the campaign’s strategy of telling supporters to leave the caucus locations after the first round of voting, known as first alignment.

“I guess I shouldn’t have left after all,” one male organizer said to another woman.

“I don’t understand what was going on; all the other supporters seemed to be against us,” she responded.

Both individuals were wearing staff passes.

There is no doubt that these unprecedented issues are weighing heavy on the mind of the Bernie faithful, who have felt extreme pressure from the Democratic establishment as of late.