BACK TO NORMAL: Celebs and Politicians Party Mask-Less at Super Bowl

For over two full years now, the world has been in the grips of a horrid, viral pandemic that has locked down entire nations, scuttled an untold number of businesses, and brought the global economy to a grinding halt at times.

And, throughout these years, we often found ourselves wondering just when it would end, and if the world would ever truly get back to “normal”.

This year’s Super Bowl appeared to signal to the world that normalcy is right around the corner.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and a host of Hollywood celebs have been slammed as hypocrites for refusing to don masks at the Super Bowl in defiance of the local mandate.

The California city’s health department had repeatedly noted that “masks will be required at the stadium” for Sunday’s big game — and even gave out upgraded KN95 ones to everyone in attendance.

But footage from private boxes at SoFi Stadium showed the vast majority of celeb attendees watching the Rams’ victory with their faces cover-free.

A photo being widely shared online even appeared to catch Garcetti, 51, chatting to a group while none of them wore masks — despite the mayor taking flak for a similar slip two weeks earlier.

And also:

One widely shared video clip showed the likes of LeBron James, Jay-Z, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez and beau Ben Affleck — none of whom were wearing face coverings.

While there are certainly some out there who will decry these public figures for eschewing their masks, others will see the move as the first true sign that our old way of life is roaring back to us in 2022.