BAD NEWS BEIJING: Olympians in Tears as China Fails to…

From the very moment that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics were announced, there was an undercurrent of righteous fervor surrounding the games.

For starters, China has been engaged in an ongoing and egregious genocide of the Uyghur Muslims within their borders, sending entire families off to concentration camps on account of their religious beliefs.

And, secondly, the CCP seems to have no issue whatsoever with making people disappear when they speak out against the litany of human rights abuses that Beijing has conducted over the decades.

But now it appears as though China has given us yet another reason to rethink their hosting of the Olympics:  The conditions that the world’s best athletes are stuck dealing with.

German Alpine skiing coach Christian Schwaiger criticized the catering in Beijing and raised concern about limited food options to fuel the high-performing pro athletes.

“The catering is extremely questionable because really it’s not catering at all. “There are no hot meals,” Schwaiger said, via the Sun.

“There are crisps, some nuts and chocolate, and nothing else. This shows a lack of focus on high-performance sport.”

And, even more disturbing…

Valeria Vasnetsova, a Russian biathlon competitor, took to Instagram to discuss her experiences under Beijing’s strict quarantine conditions.

“I’ve been getting this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five days now. I’ve lost a lot of weight and my bones are sticking out. I can’t eat anything else, I don’t know anything about my corona tests,” Vasnetsova wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“I only sleep all day because I don’t even have the strength to get out of bed. I only eat three handfuls of pasta a day because it’s just impossible to eat the rest of the food,” she added.

“My stomach hurts, I’m very pale and I have huge black circles around my eyes. I want all this to end. I cry every day. I’m very tired,” she wrote, per the Associated Press, claiming the same meal was served for breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days.

The news comes on the heels of complaints regarding the COVID-19 quarantine and isolation protocols for the games, which have already been protested by a number of coaches and athletes.