BAMBI, NO! Deer Jumps Through School Bus Windshield in WILD Video

A lot of us take driving for granted.  This is something that many do every single day, often while also eating, drinking, chatting, or even reading and writing. Sometimes, we travel miles on end mindlessly, as if we reach some sort of meditative state behind the wheel.

Those who drive for a living have to navigate the mental minefields of such complacency on a daily basis.  The boredom leads to carelessness, and carelessness leads to trouble.

That’s why one school bus driver in Virginia is being being lauded for his calm and collected reaction to wild situation that unfolded during his route this week.

The buck did not stop here.

But a small deer shot through a Virginia school bus’s front window Thursday morning – slamming into a sleeping student in the front seat before scrambling to its feet and sprinting back outside, video shows.

Grainy surveillance video recorded on a Powhatan County, Va., bus shows the animal leap in through the moving vehicle’s windshield. The startled student sits up and looks around as the deer scrambles about frantically before tumbling into the aisle.

Video of the incident was simply astounding.

Luckily, the school has reported that no one was injured in the incident, likely thanks to the incredible stoicism of the driver involved.