Baseball Season in Jeopardy ALREADY! MLB Takes Action Against Several Teams For…

The little bit of baseball that we’ve had thus far this season has been meh at best.

First, there are the goofy cardboard cutouts of fans placed in the seats of stadiums around the country that remind us of what we truly are to these teams:  Popcorn-spilling, jersey-buying, beer-swilling fountains of income who just so happen to be dangerous in large numbers at this moment.

And then there is the piped-in audio, with boos and cheers being blended in by some audio personnel who certainly believe that they are doing a magnificent job.

Now, as if this throwaway season couldn’t get any more meaningless after only one week, Major League Baseball has been forced to postpone several on account of teams who refused to follow COVID-19 protocols and wound up sick.

The 2020 season is not even a week old and already MLB has a COVID-19 crisis on its hands. As many as 17 members of the Miami Marlins, including 15 players, have tested positive in recent days. The outbreak forced Monday’s and Tuesday’s games in Miami and Philadelphia, where the Marlins played this past weekend, to be postponed.

In an effort to minimize disruption to the season while containing the outbreak, MLB has revised the schedule to isolate the Marlins and Phillies for a period of time, the league announced Tuesday afternoon. Both clubs are currently undergoing additional testing following their series at Citizens Bank Park this past weekend.

The Marlins organization was well aware of the viral infections that some players had before and during games earlier in the week, which has led to a wide condemnation of the team’s behavior in the face of this global pandemic.