Battle Breaks Out Over School Board Policy in Orange County

In a Southern California school district, chaos ensued during a recent school board meeting when communist protesters clashed with parents’ rights activists. The Orange Unified School Board ultimately passed a parental notification policy, akin to those adopted in five other districts across the state. This policy requires school staff to inform parents when their child identifies as transgender.

Before the decisive vote, members of the Revolutionary Communist Party disrupted the event, with one individual using a megaphone to shout down supporters. This disruption triggered a heated confrontation between both sides, which led to the removal of the communist protesters by law enforcement, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

(Photo by Leonard Ortiz/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images)

During the open-comment portion of the meeting, a woman who identified herself as a member of the radical group expressed her objection to discussing the policy with what she referred to as “fascists.” She declared their intent to organize for a “real revolution” to dismantle the current system and criticized any attempts to negotiate with those she deemed “illegitimate.” She then called upon those who support LGBTQ rights to prepare for a “revolution to overthrow this whole system.”

Another speaker from the same group warned of a looming “crisis” involving “Christian fundamentalist fascists” vying for power. She urged opponents of the policy to be courageous and brace themselves for an “all-out fight” to establish a new society.

“This policy is part of a larger Christian fascist movement with a theocratic agenda of ruling through open White supremacy, male supremacy, and open violence and terror,” a spokesperson said. “These fascists – at the school boards, in the courts, and throughout society – are moving to steal elections they lose or resort to outright violence if necessary to impose this agenda. The revcoms are organizing to defend the people from fascist attacks as part of moving to abolish and dismantle this whole system which gives rise to this, to replace it with a new socialist system that empowers people to uproot oppression of any kind.”

Videos of these speakers were shared on social media by Protect Kids California activist Jonathan Zachreson.

Ultimately, the school board voted to pass the policy just before midnight on Thursday, with the resolution passing unanimously. Three board members who had opposed the measure chose to walk out in protest.

This vote came one day after California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District for implementing a similar policy in July. The lawsuit argues that these policies “unconstitutionally discriminate” against LGBTQ students and violate their privacy rights.

The Revolutionary Communist Party identified the two speakers as Michelle Xai and Lucha Bright, both revcoms and members of the Revolution Club, Los Angeles. The group opposed the parental notification policy, characterizing it as a “fascist violation” of LGBTQ youth’s rights, privacy, and lives. They contended that the policy was part of a broader Christian fascist movement with a theocratic agenda, aiming to rule through open white supremacy, male supremacy, and violence.

The Orange Unified School District referred inquiries to the newly adopted policy, which outlines that if a student expresses a desire to be treated as a gender other than their biological sex or experiences gender dysphoria, the parent or guardian will be notified within five school days. The policy also grants school counselors or psychologists the discretion to withhold information from parents if they believe it poses a clear and present danger to the student, requiring them to document their rationale in writing. The district’s stated intent is to enhance communication with parents, involve them in decision-making regarding their children’s mental health and social-emotional well-being, and prevent or reduce potential self-harm instances.

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