Bernie Bros’ Paranoia Piqued by Super Delegate Statement

Supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sander’s run for the White House are certainly quick to reach for their tin foil hats in 2020, and we’re not sure that we can blame them.

The “Bernie Bros”, as they are often referred to, have seen Sanders slighted in the past.  Most notably the democratic socialist was on the receiving end of a scheme to rig the 2016 primary election, cooked up by none other than former First Lady Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

This time around, Sanders’ supporters have a very short fuse when it comes to any and all shenanigans involving the Senator.  That’s why the most recent news from the Super Delegate front has their undergarments in a twist.

The New York Times interviewed 93 superdelegates in recent days and found “overwhelming opposition” to backing the socialist presidential hopeful as the party’s nominee if he fails to enter the party’s convention with a majority of delegates.

A Democrat candidate needs a majority of pledged delegates, 1,991, going into the convention in order for the candidate to secure the nomination on the first ballot. Anything less would result in a contested convention, handing power back to superdelegates, or unpledged delegates, who could defy the will of Democrat voters and throw support behind someone else.

Sanders is the only Democrat candidate who has stated his belief that the candidate going into the convention with the most delegates should be the nominee, regardless if he or she fails to reach the magic number.

Bernie is the current delegate leader in the race, with Super Tuesday’s glut of contests arriving in just a few days.