Bernie Burns Fellow Democratic with ‘Dumbest Person on Earth’ Commentary

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been jilted by the Democratic Party before, and it appears as though he is adopting a new, bolder defense in the wake of that controversy.

During the 2016 election it was discovered that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had rigged the primaries against Sanders, thanks to an influx of cash she used to keep the DNC afloat.  In return, they turned on Bernie – a fact exposed by the work of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  This, in turn, sent a great many of the “Bernie Bros” away from the party, helping to ensure a victory by Donald Trump in 2016.

Now, with the 2020 Democratic field still far too large and in upheaval, Sanders is on the attack.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Monday took another shot at billionaire Michael Bloomberg, remarking that the “dumbest person on Earth” could run for president if they had billions of dollars.

Sanders is continuing to launch pointed attacks at Bloomberg’s last-minute presidential bid, writing on Twitter on Monday that the “dumbest person on Earth” could run for president as long as they had “a couple billion dollars.”

Bloomberg has been a lightning rod for controversy from the moment he entered the race, having limped in late under the auspices of his wealth being an asset to his candidacy.

But, despite spending over $35 million on campaign advertising over the last week, the former mayor of New York City has only managed to acquire about 3.4% in national polling of the 2020 Democrats.

Furthermore, the newspaper company owned by Bloomberg fell into a trap by discontinuing their investigations into 2020’s Democratic candidates in order to demonstrate their supposed fairness to the field.  This maneuver caused the Trump 2020 campaign to cancel Bloomberg News’ press credentials, effectively nullifying any sort of complete coverage that they had hoped to achieve.