Bernie Sanders Responds to NAZI FLAG Displayed at His Rally

The 2020 presidential race has turned about as ugly as possible this week, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was on the receiving end of the escalation.

Sanders appears to be headed for a two-horse race with former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Biden had a stellar Super Tuesday, and is hoping to ride this momentum into the party nod without much of a fight, but the primary election contests will soon be moving out west where the radical Senator should pick up a bulk of the delegates.

But the narrowing of the field has also had the adverse effect of bringing ever more attention to Biden and Bernie, and the latter was harassed at a recent rally by the waving of a Nazi flag in the crowd.

Sanders, who is Jewish, forcefully condemned the stunt over the weekend.

Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed shock and disbelief Sunday when he was asked about the man who unfurled a Nazi flag at one of his rallies on Thursday. “Obviously, it is unspeakable. It is disgusting. It is something, I got to tell you, I never expected in my life, as an American, to see a swastika at a major political rally,” the Vermont senator said on CNN’s State of the Union. “It’s horrible.”

“He was behind me. And I was speaking to the crowd and I saw crowds booing and I turned around, I didn’t quite see what it was. I learned about it right after I left the stage,” Sanders said. “The idea that there was a swastika, a symbol of everything that this country stands against—we lost 400,000 people fighting that symbol, fighting Nazism. Six million Jews were killed, other people were killed. The most devastating war in the history of humanity.” Sanders’ extended family in Poland died during the Holocaust, something he learned about in detail when he appeared on the PBS show Finding Your Roots.

The display also drew the ire of Joe Biden, who call the act “disgusting” and said it went “beyond the pale”.