Bernie’s Latest Move Almost Guarantees Donald Trump’s Reelection

The Democratic Primary for 2020 has been a wild one as of late, as the two-horse race continues to fall ever more in the favor of Joe Biden.

The former Vice President has now taken down two hearty hauls of delegates on consecutive Tuesdays, thus stoking the fires at the feet of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  The radical lawmaker would need just shy of a miracle in order to twin the nomination outright, causing a great many political observers to openly call for the the DNC to step in and suspend Sanders’ campaign.

But, for now, that decision has been left up to Bernie, and his response could almost guarantee a reelection for incumbent President Donald Trump.

A defiant Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that he will continue to compete in the Democratic primary, despite a wave of disappointing results in the primaries that took place Tuesday. “Last night obviously was not a good night for our campaign from a delegate point of view,” he said. “We lost in the largest state up for grabs yesterday, the state of Michigan. We lost in Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho.”

But he noted that he had won the North Dakota primary and currently leads in Washington, with about two-thirds of the votes counted. Sanders said that while he’s losing in the delegate count, his campaign is the one that is the champion of the progressive movement and of young people.

“We are strongly winning in two enormously important areas which will determine the future of our country,” Sanders said, pointing to support for his progressive positions.

Sanders specifically stated his plan to participate in an upcoming Democratic debate featuring only Biden and himself.

If this were to occur, the Vermont Senator would almost certainly mop the floor with the former Vice President – something that will provide Donald Trump and hard-left Democrats plenty of ammunition heading into November.