Biden Admin Scrambling After Major 5G Issue Comes to Light

We, as a nation, have been talking a whole lot about infrastructure of late.  Namely, just what the term “infrastructure” entails, exactly.

The Democrats are attempting to use this as a blanket term to pass massive spending bills that will bolster internet access and other such “soft” infrastructure projects, where many on the right see our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges as being a far more important investment.

Now, a new headache has arrived for the administration’s infrastructure plans, as the airline industry begins to worry about the deleterious effects of 5G satellite communication.

Executives from the largest US airlines asked the Biden administration for “immediate intervention” in the planned rollout of 5G technology near major airports on Wednesday, warning of dire consequences for transportation and the economy.

The representatives of 10 carriers asked the administration in a letter obtained by CNN to further delay the rollout near airports where Federal Aviation Administration flight restrictions take effect once the technology kicks in. The aviation world is concerned 5G signals will interfere with aviation technology including the radar altimeter onboard planes.

“The ripple effects across both passenger and cargo operations, our workforce and the broader economy are simply incalculable,” the executives wrote. “To be blunt, the nation’s commerce will grind to a halt.”
Reuters first reported the letter.

5G technology has been at the center of several controversies of late, many emanating from the vast world of online conspiracy theorists, who believe that the high tech communication towers also serve some other, nefarious purpose.