Biden Administration Considering Mailing Out MILLIONS of…

For months on end, the American people have been asking the government for another round of stimulus.  That’s because this infernal virus is still running rampant out and about, with only the first glimmers of hope beginning to leak into our lives as vaccines continue to roll out.

But our elected officials are doing what they do best:  Stalling and bickering while we suffer.  President Joe Biden is refusing to budge on sending $1,400 checks out to most Americans, but Congress is split on whether or not this is too much…or too little.

As this argument continues, the Biden administration is considering mailing out masks by the millions.

President Joe Biden’s coronavirus response team is considering mailing millions of masks to Americans to encourage mask-wearing as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

A White House official told NBC News Biden’s coronavirus response team is evaluating the idea but no decision has been made or proposed to the president.

Biden and top health officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci remain vexed that Americans are not universally wearing masks.

“Right now, we don’t have complete, full compliance throughout the country of the fundamental public health measures that are necessary to prevent the spread,” Fauci said during a virtual press conference Wednesday.

Biden was unwilling to enact a nationwide mask mandate, carte blanche, but did sign an executive order requiring all domestic travelers to don facial coverings.