Biden Administration Enters Recession But Refuses to Admit It

While there is no doubt whatsoever that the Biden administration has been slow to act on a number of major and undeniable crises here in the United States, it seems as though they are now simply in denial.

The economy is now officially in recession, having watched out GDP decline for two consecutive quarters.  This has long been the benchmark by which recessions are decided, yet, for some reason, the President just isn’t willing to come face to face with reality.

President Joe Biden insisted the U.S. economy is on track after the Commerce Department said Thursday that the gross domestic product shrank for a second quarter in a row, which is typically the definition of a recession.

‘That doesn’t sound like a recession to me,’ Biden said Thursday afternoon in the State Dining Room, pointing to a ‘record job market’ and ‘record unemployment.’

Biden noted that ‘both Chairman Powell and many of the significant banking personnel and economists say we’re not in a recession.’

‘Businesses are investing in American in record rates,’ Biden boasted.

President Biden’s reluctance to confront the crises that this nation faces are what’s gotten him into this mess, and driven his approval rating down to historically poor levels.  If the Commander in Chief isn’t even willing to accept the definition of a recession, then our country may be in much bigger trouble than we originally thought.