Biden Administration to Evaluate Vaccine ‘Exemptions’ in Coming Weeks

President Joe Biden turned heads last week as he took the predictably unpopular step of beginning to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations both within the federal government and within the realm of private business, but it’s the administration’s latest move that has Americans growing ever angrier.

That’s because the Surgeon General is now suggesting that those who have bonafide vaccine exemptions will now be subjected to extra scrutiny – an overreach that the federal government is almost certainly going to be taking heat over.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has advised that the Biden administration will “monitor” to ensure no one abuses COVID-19 vaccine exemptions.

President Biden last week announced a mandate that required any company with at least 100 employees to mandate its workforce. The only way to avoid the mandate is to claim an exemption on either religious or medical grounds.

Some critics argue that the exemptions allow for simple abuse, but Murthy insists the administration will ensure that does not happen.

His language was troubling, to say the least.

“Unfortunately, as a country, we have experience in dealing with exemptions, but we’ve got to be vigilant there and make sure that people are using them, you know, in the spirit that they’re intended and not abusing them or asking for exemptions when they don’t apply,” Murthy told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “That’s an area that we continue to monitor in the days and weeks ahead.”

A vast number of Americans have claimed religious and medical exemptions from the coronavirus vaccine, and this latest headhunting declaration from the Biden administration is almost certainly set to add fuel to the anti-vaccine fire.