Biden Comments On Haley Statement

President Joe Biden is once again facing comments on his mental fitness, however, this time he asked for it. The latest attack came from none other than former president Donald Trump.

In a recent tweet, Biden’s official account mocked Trump’s mental agility, highlighting a recent slip-up where he referred to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “Haley.” It’s a fair jab at Trump, who is known for his brash and often off-the-cuff remarks. However, coming from Biden, who is notorious for his own verbal missteps, the attack seems a bit hypocritical.

At 81 years old, Biden is not exactly a spring chicken himself. In fact, at 77 he was the oldest president to take office in American history. Despite this, his team seems to have no problems taking shots at the mental abilities of someone who is only a few years younger. It’s a tactic that seems more than a little desperate and disingenuous.

Even more surprising is the fact that Biden’s own party members have also raised concerns about his mental fitness. Former Republican presidential candidate and current Republican National Committee chairwoman, Nikki Haley, recently called for “mandatory competency” tests for politicians over the age of 75. This may have been a thinly veiled dig at Biden himself, who is well above that age limit.

Responding to these comments, Trump took to the stage at a New Hampshire rally to defend himself and attack his critics. He refuted Haley’s claims, stating that he does not mind being his age and that he has recently taken several cognitive tests, all of which he passed with flying colors. He also stated that he would let the American people know if and when he starts to “go bad.”

Trump’s response and confidence only serve to highlight the stark differences between the two men’s mental fitness. While Trump may have his flaws and questionable moments, he has never shown the level of confusion and mental decline that Biden has. Trump has famously been known to speak for hours on end, often without a script or even a general plan of what he will say. This is a stark contrast to Biden, who is often seen struggling to get through scripted speeches and press conferences, sticking closely to a teleprompter.

One could argue that mental fitness should not be a partisan issue, but in this case, it is hard to ignore the blatant double standard being shown by Biden’s team and supporters. It seems that they are more than happy to attack Trump for his occasional slip-ups, yet they turn a blind eye to their own president’s glaring struggles with basic communication.

In fact, it’s plain to see, that Biden gives more fodder to critics than any of his opponents.

At the end of the day, this all just serves as a reminder of the glaring reality that the person currently occupying the Oval Office is not mentally fit for the job. Whether you support or oppose Trump, it is hard to deny that he is still miles ahead of Biden in terms of mental agility. Biden’s attempt to capitalize on this issue only serves to further highlight his own shortcomings and raise more questions about his fitness to lead the country.