Biden Fail Again: Two Words Have People Outraged

President Biden faced criticism on Sunday for his seemingly detached response to the devastating Maui wildfire, the deadliest US wildfire in over a century, which has claimed the lives of 96 individuals. As the tragedy unfolded, the Commander-in-chief was spotted enjoying a leisurely day at Rehoboth Beach near his Delaware residence.

When questioned by reporters about the mounting death toll, President Biden offered a stony-hearted “no comment” before heading home, sparking outrage from critics who perceived the response as unsympathetic. This marked the second time during the day that Biden displayed what some characterized as an unfeeling attitude. Earlier, during a bike ride, he had similarly brushed off inquiries, stating, “We’re looking at it.”

President Joe Biden declined to comment Sunday about the mounting death toll in the Maui wildfire while vacationing again in DE.

The catastrophic Maui wildfire has left communities in ruins and prompted a major disaster declaration by President Biden, promising swift federal assistance for those affected. However, his lackluster reactions on Sunday have drawn comparisons to previous instances of perceived indifference during his presidency.

Monica Crowley, former US Treasury Department assistant secretary for public affairs during the Trump administration, took to social media to express her frustration, tweeting, “Biden doesn’t give AF [a f–k] about the suffering people of Maui… Or the suffering people of East Palestine, Ohio. Or the suffering people in border towns. Or the suffering people anywhere in America.”

Kari Lake, a Republican who contested the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial race, also criticized Biden’s response. She lamented the devastation of Maui and contrasted it with his seemingly carefree demeanor, stating, “One of the most beautiful places on earth has been reduced to cinders. In Delaware: @JoeBiden can’t be bothered to care. Putting America First means getting this joker out of the White House.”

Critics highlighted Biden’s recent vacation, which included a 14-day beach sojourn, as indicative of his purported lack of urgency in addressing pressing national issues. Stephen Miller, an editor at conservative outlet The Spectator, tweeted, “Just came back from a 14-day beach vacation. Spent 4 days in DC, now is back on the beach, and has no comment for wildfires that wiped out entire communities. Just incredible stuff.

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